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Catalog cover design - Design for profile cover


    Gift box factory in District 10 Viet Nam received 2-layer catalog design and catalog stickers, 3 layers of catalog cover design, menu, cardboard file cover and MDF board...

- Provide cover fabric such as brocade fabric, printed spandex fabric, canvas - Outsourcing according to customer's request - Fill in the fabric, feel, cover the outside of the profile cover

=>The gift box factory in District 10 Viet Nam has more than 50 years of experience in the fabric industry, so it has experience in creating brocade fabrics. Skilled workers use special coating techniques to cover each type of fabric required by the customer, cover the cover of the book, cover the file, and provide brocade gift boxes such as mooncake boxes to increase Add eye-catching and luxury to the product.


=> Direct factory in district 10, the center of Ho Chi Minh city , Viet Nam