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Print design gift box

If the design was always considered as some kind of artist which require the designer should invest many time and effort to delivery an idea of artwork then Printing is the place to make that idea become the real artwork. 

Printing design is an indispensable service for advertising your company's brand or showcase your company's unique products. With a team of experienced staff in the design and printing industry. it's our pleasure to have a chance to work with and support you by creating impressive designs in promoting your brand as well as your products.

We are providing many design and printing service to fulfill all of your needs and expectation, specialize in packaging printing design, paper bag printing, leaflet printing, catalog design, brochure, name card, printed calendars, multi-sheet calendars, desktop calendars, and advertising brochures. Types of paper labels Decal. 

Come to our printing design services you will be completely free consultant to choose the most beautiful designs, the most distinctive style for your company. We always want to bring the maximum advertising effectiveness to our customers, bring up the value of product and its competition



We provide printing design services in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, Here you could receive the best printing design service with high quality, on time delivery and very competitive price. 


Branding is a process that turns an organization, product or service into a better-known, more well-known customer, making a strong impression in the customer's mind through the following elements: Brand image and brand communication strategy.

Therefore, you can rest assured when implementing projects with our paper company Nguyen Phat.