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» Box with magnets and drawer


     Premium box with 2-tier box with magnets and drawers

       A special and strange high-class box for gold and silver products, or according to customers' requirements

+ Logo: laser engraved mica arylic sheet outsite the box, gold plated and silver plated logo embossed according to customer's request

+ Label material: Faux leather art paper, simili leather, velvet fabric, printed couche paper and nylon lamination
+ Material: 3 layers of 1200 gsm chipboard, 4 layers of 1600 gsm chipboard ...

+ Tray lining: Stick red Velvet fabric on chipboard and cut it according  to the product shape.

=> Producing gift boxes in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. All the products is manufactered directly inside our factory which is located on District 10 center of Ho Chi Minh city, this will support you more convenient for contacting and communication.

-  Accept the order request for designing and manufactor the special shape of gift box based on the request and expectation for event within the tight schedule.